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What is Fit-Lit? Simply put, Fit-Lit is a combination of fitness and literature. It provides a workout for the mind and the body. The Adventures of Exo and Cy is a prime example of a Fit-Lit product, proving that you can happily marry reading and exercise. I am very excited to also announce that I hope to introduce Fit-Lit programs in community parks and schools! Imagine taking a walk with your family at the city park. As you walk, you see a sign showing a page from a book. After reading the page, you continue your walk until you encounter the next page. You keep going until you come to another page, only this one has an "exocyse" you must do before moving on. This continues until you reach the final page at the end of your walk. You've just spent quality time reading and exercising as a family! This, along with interactive study games for school subjects, is Fit-Lit! Fitness and Literature...engaged!

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